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New Timeshare Fraud - Timeshares

- pennsylvania

There's a new scam out there folks. Well, maybe not new at all but boy are they slick. In this alleged scheme there are two men who con you into sending money to sell your timeshare. The rouse starts like this; you are contacted by a "buyer" who saw your timeshare for sale and wants to purchase it. Look out, they even have a baby crying in the background! They are going by the name Steve and Linda Green. If you fall for it, you are then contacted by their loan agent, Gary Heinz. Gary sets up the deal but first you have to send them money to pay for the closing costs. Of course the seller usually wouldn't have to come up with this but you are desperate right? You want to get out of that money pit so bad and so you agree to pay for half the closing costs to seal the deal so to speak. However, this is how they get you. The money needs to be paid up front using a Green dot money pak. The authorization number is given over the phone and you never see or hear from them again. Sound familiar right??? Well, I have to tell you these are the slickest two individuals I have come across in a long time. They "launder" the money back through Walmart by purchasing another giftcard and putting the money on that so it can't be traced. Funny how so many of us keep falling for these con artists. I swear by the time you get off the phone with Gary you would sell him your first born. And you know what folks? If and when these fellows ever get caught, it is only a minor offense, not even a felony, so they pack up, grab a new cell phone and find another fish. Go figure. The lesson learned again is "if it sounds too good to be true......"

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