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Jewelry recall - Repair

I bought an authentic Davis Yurman Bracelet and the clasp did not secure. I took it to an upscale store that sells David Yurman and they sent it on to David Yurman for repair. After 6 weeks, the store called me to inform me the clasp has changed on the bracelets going forward since the old clasp was faulty. The bracelet is being sold today with entirely different clasp. I call this a defective piece of jewelry and it should have been a recall like Toyota did with the floor mats. No excuse for selling jewelry that has a defect and I have to pay for a new clasp. $140.00. David Yurman needs to replace his defect for free to his customers. This repair will take another 6-8 weeks. All in all, greater than 3 months and I had to pay David Yurman for his defect. Not sure where the David Yurman repair center. The bracelet is not under warranty.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by martin.jan52 on 05/07/2011
That's quite a bargain. My clasp was also loose and after 2 months of waiting I was told it would cost over $400 to fix it! Now I'm hearing it may have been defective in the first place! This may be my last DY purchase!

Posted by hellcell03 on 08/26/2012
I have a DY chain my girlfriend bought me a few years ago. I had to return the chain twice because the clasp would lose it's strength. Once again the clasp is broke

Posted by Trainerlupe on 12/19/2015
Purchased an expensive bracelet first time wearing it fell off and was lost. Replaced with an identical bracelet because I was told the clasp was fine with no complaints. New one I returned after the first time I wore it also fell off.

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